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White Planter & Wood Stand

Available in 2 Sizes


Brass Metal Planter

Available in 5 Sizes


White Ceramic Planter

Available in 7 Sizes


Peach Ceramic Planter

Available in 4 Sizes


Terrazzo Planter

$95.00 $115.00

Peach Planter & Wood Stand


Black Ceramic Planter

Available in 7 Sizes


Rattan Accent Chair


Indoor Wood Bench


Pendant Hanging Light - Terrazzo

Modern Ceramic Planters

Check out this modern take on the classic planter. It's probably your plant's new favorite home.

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Wood Plant Stands

Our best seller. Enjoy modern design with a striking finish. It's even good for your plant.

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Specialty Plant Pots

For your plants that feel a little "extra." Find the metallic and terrazzo flower pots to make your plants pop!

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