Fix Your Home to Transform Your Life

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You want an incredible life. Deep relationships. Amazing health and physique. Meaningful career. Financial security.

It starts at home.

Our surroundings are powerful. They help us create joy, connection and amazing results in our lives.

A well crafted home can eliminate stress and catapult your self confidence. Transform your surroundings to transform your life.

Try these quick fixes - the results will extend far beyond your home.

Finish Your Projects
Experience unstoppable momentum and self confidence - finish your half completed tasks.

Unfinished projects keep your brain in limbo - telling you that life is out of control.

We all live with reminders of things half completed - the item to return, the picture to hang or the event waiting on an RSVP. Each time you see these unfinished projects, your brain sends a reminder. These ignored reminders create stress and decrease self confidence over time. The longer the unfinished project, the larger it becomes in our minds.

Get control. Finish your projects and create a snowball effect of self confidence and momentum. No telling where that momentum will take you!

Quick Fix: Find 3 unfinished projects in your home. Make a plan to finish or quit each project within 48 hours.

Long Term Solution: Spend 30 minutes outlining the entire list of unfinished projects in your home, garage, and garden. Separate the list into 3 categories: Complete Now, Complete Later, and Quit. Prioritize Your Complete Now list and knock out some projects!

Throw Stuff Out
Eliminate your stress and boost your creativity - throw out the items that hold you back!

Humans are emotionally connected to our stuff, including the stuff we don't like. We have gifts from relatives we don't like. Reminders of past relationships. Clothes that don't fit. The thing we keep because it still works "fine". Get rid of this stuff - it will immediately reduce stress and make space for new creativity in your life.

When we live with items we don't like, we strengthen the beliefs that hold us back. If you want growth in life, throw out the stuff that is associated with pain, the stuff that makes you feel poor and the stuff you just don't like. Fill your life with rich experiences and items that make you feel great.

Quick Fix: Pick a category of things (clothes, kitchenware, tools, etc.) - a category that stresses you out. Take everything that you own from that category and place it on the floor in one room. Handle each item and ask yourself "does this item bring me joy?" If the answer isn't yes, throw it out or give it away immediately.

When you throw stuff out, notice you might fall into some of the common traps:
"What if I need it?"
"I spent $XX.XX on it and I haven't even used it."
"That's the thing that ______ gave me."

These ideas limit the joy in your home. These ideas limit other areas of your life too. Push past these ideas - you'll find new breakthroughs all over your life!

Long Term Solution: Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Seriously, buy it, read it and transform your space. It will change your life.

Add Joy Pieces
Unlock your joy and strengthen amazing connections with people! Transform your spaces to bring out your best.

We all have joy items. The table where your family shares meals. The shirt that makes you feel incredible. The picture that reminds you of love and happiness. The pan that makes you an incredible chef!

These are the things that make us feel great in our surroundings. They make us proud of our accomplishments and confident to take on the world.

A few joy items make incredible environments. A place that inspires you to create, allows you to relax and encourages connection with friends.

Amazing spaces lead to amazing lives! Transform your space and experience a more incredible life!

Quick Fix: Find one new item that will remind you to fill your life with joy, connection and creativity.
Quick Ideas:
1. Add a plant in a trendy new planter (plants reduce stress and inspire personal growth)
2. Display something sentimental that reminds you of a great relationship or accomplishment
3. Create something that inspires you (paint, draw, carve or craft) - or pay someone $5 (on Fiverr) to illustrate experiences or people that inspire you - display it proudly in your home.
Long Term Solution: Once you've emptied your home of items that you don't love, surround yourself with items that you love. Don't buy anything unless it brings you joy. Quality is much more important than quantity.

Items are not the key to happiness, but they are important. Treat your home how you treat your life - finish your cliffhangers, throw out the bad and add some extra joy.

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