Why We Built Peach & Pebble

Home is the most important place in the world.

A well designed home encourages us to be our best. It's a dependable reward after incredible days and a warm consolation in difficult times. 

Our home interiors are not status symbols or a collection of brands. Our homes are a piece of us that extend into every area of our lives. We're here to help you create an oasis where you can connect with your closest friends and family. A place where you can escape the world's chaos and recharge - so you can be your best.

What We Do 

We offer furniture and decor to help create happy homes. A happy home is filled with select pieces we love, pieces that are equally functional and beautiful.

We're proud to make furniture & decor that will survive years of dinner parties, date nights and binge streaming.

We work hard to sell stunning products that we want in our homes and on our instagrams. Our style is a dash of Modern Boho and a bit Mid Century Modern. We're not for everyone, but we hope to make each of our customers happy.

How We Started 

We (Whitney & Robert) started our business after finding ourselves at the typical millennial milestone - ready to upgrade our cheap furniture.

Whitney was ready for some next level accents and Robert wanted furniture that didn't include particle board. It was time to spruce up our space and make home a place we love. Like everyone else, we read Marie Kondo's book and threw away trash bags on trash bags of stuff. We were left with an empty apartment and sparse closets. So we set out to find pieces that would transform our apartment.

We wanted items that would express our personalities and create a space to enjoy. This was important to us, so we looked for the right pieces rather than the easiest or cheapest options. 

We browsed the local furniture stores and boutiques. Santa Barbara is notorious for its lack of furniture stores. The inevitable online search came next. We found a bunch of options - mostly cheap and poorly made furniture. The nice stuff seemed ridiculously expensive. It was hard to cut through the noise, separating cheap clutter from overly expensive brands. Thankfully Whitney is an amazing shopper so we were able to fill our apartment on a budget. 

As we transformed our apartment, we noticed our lives transform around us. Our relationship improved. We got in better shape. We got raises at work. Plus we enjoyed our time at home so much more. We wanted to bring the same joy to others.

At that time, Whitney wanted a trendy planter for a new fiddle leaf fig. The only planters she liked were very expensive, too expensive for Robert. So we worked with a ceramic manufacturer to design an affordable and contemporary plant pot. The following month we sold our first planter, launching Peach & Pebble - a brand dedicated to stylish and well made furniture and decor. 

Since then, we added new pieces with many more designs coming soon. Every item is carefully designed. Everything we sell is something we would use in our home. We hope our creations bring joy to your home.

P.S. People ask about the name, Peach & Pebble. Whitney's the peach. Robert's the pebble.